Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Why farting in a bin trumps Videogames

I like all of the songs in my iTunes - I bought the CD (or more likely risked accidentally downloading malware) for a reason, yeah? 
Except for when it's on shuffle, cos then I like about one in every twelve songs in my Library.
You can’t really go wrong with Jose Gonzalez though. He could basically fart in a bin and it would still be music to make babies to and probably feature on inspiring car ads.

I do love him, old JG. He is mostly nose. I’d say 79% with a bit of beautiful boy attached to it. And owned the Midas Touch.
So no surprise then that his most recent colab with Norwegian belle Ane Brun, the  beautifully dark Worship, has garnered immediate radio play and general hype reminiscent of a recent duck mouthed songstress. Only this is clearly better. Much better. See...

Can I get a communal sigh for the nose please...

*le swoon*

Ane Brun's Album 'It All Starts With One' was release 07 Sep on Balloon Ranger Recordings

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