Friday, 4 November 2011

Boredom is rage spread thinly. Reduce your rage – adopt a Llama.

There comes a time during the day - you never quite know when, and it always creeps up on me - when BANG and your productivity is o.v.e.r.!!

Today my bang appended around 11.38am.

So I have spent the rest of the day researching deafness. And by ‘researching’ I mean looking at Flikr. And by ‘deafness’ I mean Llamas...

Seriously! How bloody ace are Llamas? Look at their tragic hair! I relate to that.

So I have decided that Llamas are my spirit animal. BEST animal there ever was!

In non-Llama news tomorrow is bonfire night, which I don’t really approve of but will get involved in anyways.  You will find me at Netil House 360 trying to decide whether I’m hot or cold or just really really drunk.

Play safe kids! xx

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