Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hackney or Halloween?

Halloween and the start of Movember - a funny time of year which leaves me overwhelmed by confusion to say the least.

Yestereve, casually boy cruising, I remained completely baffled as to whether there was a new shit hot look or just loadsa resourceful costumes. Yes. I generally have a hard time deciphering the fine line between Hackney or Halloween. It’s a thin line. A rexy line.

The other day on the bus I was eavesdropping on a convo which, in all seriousness, went like this:

“[something something],  but I can’t tell whether he is really fit or a bit special needs.”

Which made me think that maybe their gene pool needed a dash of chlorine.

Anywho. I eat my words. Cos on reflection I have, on more than one occasion, thought out lout “he’s either totes lush or a bit homeless”.

And tbh I’m still in two minds as to whether a certain ex was really a troubled musician or actually just a tramp who was using me for a roof over his head and hot meal a few nights a week. (I have on occasions been told by mates that it’s DEFO the latter).

And then there’s the guy with all the bags who I thought was a tramp but then once saw outside Kingsland Road studios sitting on a step reading Vogue (true story). Is this how Hackney tramps roll nowadays? Or is this kid actually just trialling bonkers Galliano’s A/W 11 Homeless Chic (again, true story)...

Either way I remain confused.

 (I don’t mind. It’s a good look. Gives me dimples.)

On a loosely relate note HAPPY MOVEMBER!!!

If you are growing facial joy post visual proof below and I WILL sponsor. Beards make men look 68% hotter, which is a scientifically proven fact.*

(*Not actually a scientifically proven fact)


  1. I shaved off a perfectly good, warm, clean beard this morning so I could raise money and also look like all the other cool people in east... yay http://mobro.co/StitchMartyn

  2. "Jailbait or Shaved Mate?" coming soon...

    p.s. consider yourself sponsored :)


  3. how have i only just discovered your blog?!