Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Notice of resignation – check*
Baltic strength furs – check
Cattle strength Vallium – check

I’m ready and set to do board the Air Berlin flight for my pre-move visit: making myself known and generally causing havoc. Super excited about a genuine Weihnachtsmarkt or three, wurst, and proper German chilblains (it’s cold. And I mean COOOLD!!!)

Efficiency. In action.

Looking forward to attempting to manoeuvre my way through a phone contract in Deutsch, and a few interviews which I am hopelessly underprepared for (read: have yet to prepare).

Natürlich I’ll be dipping into German oddball culture with Visiothek’s stage adaptations of cult movies, but squeezed into short chapters and mostly improvised. Saturdays matinee: Pulp Fiction. Wunderbar.

And plenty of other exciting things, and people. And faces.

So much so that I am almost ok about east London putting on a ridiculously good set of activities as soon as I decide to leave. If England starts getting good just as I’m about to leave I’m having KÄTZCHEN!!

Anywho Town Hall Hotels are hosting the launch night of Vivyl at Viajante tomorrow at… well, Viajante Bar in E2. Gutted to be missing this!

This is swiftly followed by the grand opening of Hoxton’s hottest new drinking spot, the White Horse which will include an appearance of the one and only Dj Derek.

So many activities, only one Ayesha.

I am cry.

*Copy and pasted from a website called iResign. True story.