Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tuesday. Officially the worst day of the week. Fact.

You see, Mondays may be turgid, yes, but on Monday despite the aches of acute sleep deprivation, and the possible second-day hangover that bites all over 24s/spirit drinkers in the ass, Mondays involve the joyous reflex of weekend-memory cued smiles. And if the night was so very very merry all you have is flashbacks and pangs of shame, well that breaks up the day nicely as well.

Wednesday is Hump Day, or Bergfest Tag as it’s known over here. Office banter becomes more wayward and there’s usually some cake n stuff.
Thursday it’s acceptable to start the party as Friday is just there, right there, see it? So may as well get on it now.
But Tuesday! Bloody flippin Tuesday…

So here is a nice bit of Ear-Tuna to get you through the Tuesday Blues. It’s 2 hours of Solomun and it’s like a bit of Valium for the ears. Viel SpaƟ!

Solomun - BBC Radio1Essential Mix

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